Samsung S7 will carry sophisticated sensor Sony IMX 300

After the appearance of this year’s flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +, a lot of people curious about the innovations of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 later. This smartphone is rumored to use a larger camera resolution, 20 MP 16 MP which has been used previously.

Not only improve the resolution, Samsung will use to beautify ISOCELL sensor of the camera. However, there are new news that Samsung also adopts advanced sensor Sony IMX300.
It is unclear whether Samsung will use these two sensors simultaneously or to divide. Maybe some Galaxy S7 will use a sensor of Sony, partly using the sensor ISOCELL of the new brand. Harga Samsung Galaxy A8 Tahun 2015

If you recall, during the IMX300 sensor is only used by the Xperia series Z5 only. With the advanced sensors, Xperia Z5 prosisi managed to occupy the top as the best smartphone camera at this time.

Sony also seems to try to provide the best sensor for the Xperia line, not the other smartphone manufacturers. While Samsung is rumored to be wearing this Sony sensor, seems to have a pretty fierce negotiations until Sony melted to allow Samsung also wear them. Harga Samsung Galaxy S6 Tahun 2015

The problem, Sony and ISOCELL sensors have different resolutions. There is speculation that the IMX300 is actually a 25 MP sensor, but with a few corners that are not used scaled down to 23 MP resolution 16: 9. Harga Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 Hitam

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