Cheapest smartphone in the world coming soon in India

Xiaomi may only be a giant smartphone vendor-smartphone cheapness. However, the Canadian vendor, DataWind, who would be the most inexpensive smartphone maker in the world.

DataWind in collaboration with the Indian telecommunications company, RCom, reportedly is developing a smartphone that costs only $ 15, about USD 200 thousand. Smartphones are planned to be sold in India dated December 28, 2015. Harga Samsung Galaxy J5 Tahun 2015

DataWind smartphone but do not expect this to have a top class specification Xiaomi smartphone artificial Redmi. Therefore, this smartphone will only use 2G technology. In addition, instead of using the Android OS, a smartphone running the Linux OS DataWind special mobile gadgets. Harga Xiaomi Mi4 Bulan Maret

According to Suneet Singh Tulu, CEO of DataWind, inexpensive smartphone like this could be born thanks to the drop in the price of mobile processors and memory devices. Later, the smartphone is intended for novice smartphone users are just ‘escape’ from a mobile phone or a feature-phone, CNET (27/10). Harga Xiaomi Mi 4i Tahun 2014

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